About Us

Lineaire Group was founded with the goal of combining an institutional investment approach with disciplined risk management, and a cutting-edge architectural design and project management team.

This unique combination allows the company to turn complex, often overlooked projects into high performing assets, and deliver investors superior risk-adjusted returns. 

Lineaire Group’s mission is also guided by an overarching commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards, and a vision to advance society’s standard of living by continually improving urban spaces.

We emphasize the values to the right as crucial to the success of our business.

We strive for the highest level of ethical standards in everything we do and always put our investors’ interests first.

We make investment decisions based on quantifiable data, fundamental analysis of the markets, and methodical evaluation of risk.

We strive for constant improvement, lifelong learning, and seek to partner with and employ the best talent in the industry.

We take pride in coming up with new approaches to old problems and we foster a culture in which individual creativity is encouraged.

Our team is composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds and trainings and we encourage individuals to voice their personal opinions. This allows us to arrive at thoroughly analyzed solutions.